May 24, 2006

Raid - A panacea for our times

When it comes to killing black widow spiders, I am not picky. I have been known to drown them with a garden hose, whack them with Hublet's size 13 lawn-mowing shoes, and spray them with whatever I can get my hands on that I think may be even remotely poisonous. And I do this more often than you might think, as the spiders really enjoy hanging out underneath the siding of our house.

So I know that a can of Raid can be a girl's best friend. I've used the following flavors of Raid in my black-widow killing projects: Raid for flying insects (the death to evil wasps flavor), Raid for ants and cockroaches, and once what I thought was generic Raid but turned out to be WD-40--it was dark, I was freaking out, I grabbed a can and let fly and I think it worked...the spider was definitely MIA the next day.

Anyway, hurrah for Raid! Because in addition to being airborne death to black widow spiders, it is also a damn fine way to deal with a cheating spouse!

Favorite quote, from doughty police Captain Marty Bruce:
"She came in and caught her husband with another woman and she grabbed a can of Raid and went at it."

Yeah, don't mess with an angry woman with a can of Raid in her hands. I've got the pile of dead spiders to prove it.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at May 24, 2006 10:12 AM

Some insect killer at Kroger Supermarket says in the warnings, for a yard spray, if somebody accidentally inhales it and is not breathing, call 911 immediately.

You can imagine what it must do to bugs.

Posted by: Ron Hardin at May 24, 2006 07:20 PM