November 10, 2005


Hey guys! Thanks for the requests--I've got a few items in mind for later today.

But first, a couple of notes:

1. Buy Joanne Jacobs' book! I haven't read it yet, but if it reads anything like her blog, it's bound to be both wry and informative. Wryly informative?

2. Hooray! They FINALLY killed the right character off on Lost! Woot!

3. Personal note to AOG--Dude. That's why our catbox has a big ol' lid.

More later...

Posted by Big Arm Woman at November 10, 2005 08:46 AM

We've had this discussion before - if by right you mean smokin' hot, then yes they killed the right person. She will be sorely missed at our house (at least by me.....)

Posted by: Jimmy at November 10, 2005 10:13 AM

Yeah, but she irked the snot out of me, as I have droned on and on about for ages. Now if they could just kill that doofus Jack, life would be good.

Posted by: BAW at November 10, 2005 11:34 AM

Yeah they killed off the only true eye candy on the show. Ratings will now drop amongst the male demographic, although she was a cautionary tale (or tail - oooh I'm bad) about women of that ilk so maybe not.

While Jack is not dead you'll notice that he wasn't on the show last night either.

Posted by: Locomotive Breath at November 10, 2005 03:30 PM

LB -

And there was much rejoicing!

Posted by: BAW at November 10, 2005 04:49 PM