October 03, 2005

Leadership, Bad Writing, and My Pounding, Throbbing Head

Unfortunately, this entry may not end up being as long as the title. Woe.

Finished the scholarship candidates' leadership essays last night. What stands out in my mind?

Well, good news! Four years of college really does make a difference in your writing ability. The scholarship I was grading for doesn't have an age limit, so I was reading stuff from freshmen to fifth year seniors. The seniors had greater clarity of thought and superior organization skills, as well as cleaner grammar. HA! So it is true--people can learn stuff. From time to time I find it necessary to remind myself of this fact.

I ended up awarding my highest grade to probably the oldest--or at least most mature--student. This candidate had a clear grasp of what he or she wanted, and argued convincingly about the ways being an RA fulfilled the role of leader in a diverse community. Since the student allowed that he or she was 22 when starting college, I am wondering if a military tour was involved. At any rate, it was a very well done piece.

I was also impressed with the couple of students who defined diversity to fit their unique circumstances. Not everyone can found a chapter of the NAACP on campus as one entrant did, which is part of the reason I hate these narrow one-size-fits-all topics.

Seems that administrators would want a little more diversity than that...

Oh and by the way, this month marks the completion of three years of blogging. It's almost like breathing now, except a more circumspect kind of breathing than formerly, because my Mom told me she reads my blog and complained that I cuss too much.

No, you never do truly escape being someone's kid. Damm--I mean DANGit.


Posted by Big Arm Woman at October 3, 2005 04:12 PM

The cussing factor is at least 75% of why my mom will never know about any of my sites.

Posted by: marc at October 3, 2005 04:21 PM

I don't have the cussing factor, but I can't rant about my mom if she reads my site. So she doesn't because she doesn't know it exists.

Posted by: Suzi at October 3, 2005 09:43 PM

Your mom is so cool, she truly doesn't care. So glad you are done with those essays! Cocktail time!

Posted by: Belle at October 4, 2005 09:13 AM

My father reads my blog. It was a difficult for me to decide whether or not to tell him about it. I'm glad I told him about it -- he stays more involved in the everyday boring details of my life this way. We are closer. And I watch my language.

Posted by: Marie at October 6, 2005 06:36 PM