July 25, 2005

A Mile in Saddle Shoes

Perhaps Robin Ghivan has never been to church in the south. That's the only explanation I can give for her bizarre psychoanalysis of the Roberts family's sartorial choices, which Lileks skewers here.

But my response upon seeing the Roberts family was--eh. They must shop at Cameron Village, home to every upscale boutique in Raleigh. Ghivan acts as though bishop dresses and seersucker for toddlers is unusual. Pah. She should come to my church--the profusion of beribboned bishop's frocks and saddle shoes would probably cause her to foam at the mouth and fall over dead.

I'm just gonna file that bizarre article under Trying too Hard. Hey Robin? Better luck with the metaphors next time, sweet thang.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at July 25, 2005 01:46 PM

I guess I've lived in the South "long enough" now - I didn't think there was anything remotely unusual with how they were all dressed.

I guess, though, if you live somewhere where black is still the new black, a pink skirted suit could be a little unsettling. I guess it's once again an issue of the people in "flyover country" (not that Roberts even LIVES in "flyover country") not being understood by the urbancoastal pundits.

Posted by: ricki at July 26, 2005 09:08 AM

I only occasionally wear a tie to school, but I always wear dress slacks and a presentable collared shirt. One kid last semester couldn't get over this - "Mister (Mi-yuh-ster) _______, why do you (yeeew) dress like that (lak 'at) all the time?" he would keep asking me, as if I were wearing a white tux and top hat. (I resisted saying, "I don't know Nick. Must be in my nature. The way chewing and spitting fingernails in a slouch position is in yours.")

You could chalk this up to rural kid/small farming community stuff, except it is not true. Similar kids from my parents' era might not have owned a lot of Sunday-best outfits, but they sure knew when and where appropriate dress was called for.

Anyway, if my outfits are all it takes to be formal these days, then the poor Roberts clan was indeed far out of line.

Posted by: HusbandofBAW at July 26, 2005 09:45 AM

"We have to say we were disappointed on numerous levels last week when President Bush announced his nominee for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court bench. It's obvious Laura Bush doesn't have much sway with her husband on some things; otherwise, the president would have picked a woman, at the very least."
Rachel Brown Hackney
Washington Daily News
Wash. NC
Laura Bush can't control her man and Mrs Roberts can't dress her family. What's with these Republican women anyway?
Mrs Hackney goes on...
"Nonetheless, President Bush presented to the American public what some people of the '60s or '70s might have called as "white-bread" a nominee as he could find. Indeed, John Roberts seemed tailor-made for a Bush White House nominee, even if his wife did look a little like Jackie Kennedy during the prime time news conference."

My hometown newspaper, I'm sorry to say, echos Ms Ghivan's sentiments, though not as vehemently. Thing is, unless it's moved since I was last home, Tayloe's on Main St deals exclusively in those little rompers for boys and the lacy panties for girls, the tiny shoelace holders with the bells on them, frilly bonnets with the finest names on the labels. Dollars to donuts that Mrs Hackney's mother was a frequent shopper there and Mrs Hackney as well, when she had little ones.
The small town hypocrisy I can take but the veiled bigotry turns my stomach.
"Although many people have had quite a few good things to say about Judge Roberts -- and his friends and colleagues were quick to say he is not an ideologue -- he still seems to lean very heavily to the conservative side of issues. The fact that he is Roman Catholic also portends problems." Bad enought that he leans right, (Washington powers-that-be bear strongly to the left.)Worse than anything, GASP! he's a Roman Catholic! I guess we all know where he stands.
OK, I'm losing my temper. That woman raises my blood pressure everytime. Here's her column in its entirety- http://www.wdnweb.com/articles/2005/07/26/opinion/editorial01.txt
Is it any wonder that I don't still live there?

Posted by: middleagedhousewife at July 26, 2005 11:49 AM

What? The best anyone can do is throw spitballs at Roberts for the way his wife dresses her children in a fine manner? Sheesh. Should the precious ones wear flip-flops to the White House instead? Make up your minds people!

Posted by: Marie at July 26, 2005 08:32 PM