June 24, 2005

Boy, do I need a weekend

I currently have an alternate version of the song "I Feel Pretty" running through my head, and it goes like this:

I feel pissy,
Oh so pissy,
I feel pissed off and miffed and annoyed!

Feel free to continue from there. Why?

1. Flag burning amendment - WTF? Do our lawmakers have the collective memories of goldfish? This is just so, so NINETIES! And unnecessary! Why, you'd think those silly little dilettantes up there in DC have nothing better to do than try to fabricate laws that pay lipservice to half-baked ideas in the interest of re-election...wait a minute...

2. Supreme Court - Seriously, WTF? Crap like that made my family hole up in the mountains with plenty of ammo for a generation or two, spitting and cussing about the "gummint." Oh, but the government would NEVER abuse such power! Haaahaaahaaaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa! Ooh, that was painful.

But it's not all bad--The Boy actually enjoyed his swim lesson last night, venturing so far as to leap from the side of the pool into the teacher's arms. He still got really cold, but refused to come out and was swimming solo with a noodle by the end of the evening.

And I can sleep in tomorrow. And I'll probably finish up The Historian tonight. And there's always moonshine, shotguns and chaw, if the going gets bad enough.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at June 24, 2005 02:05 PM

Is it a good or a bad thing that I was able to come up with more lyrics to your version of "I Feel Pretty?"

Spent 3 1/2 hrs w/the boys at a park in an amusement park chain.

We had a great time, got there right when it opened and everything.....

Until right before lunch time.

All the oblivious parents came with their kids.

Um, no you may not step in front of my children instead of going to the back of the line because you really, really, really want to go on this ride.

Um, the kid is screaming his/her head off and the ride hasn't started. He/She is scared and doesn't want to go. I can tell that and I'm not even in the seat with him/her. So please stop the torture and get off the ride. Really, it will be easier than the therapy bills that will come later.

Um, Mom, your toddler doesn't need to be in his stroller but it be really great if you'd NOT steer it into me or my kids. Thanks.

Um, pack of Dads, just because the park is made to entertain families doesn't mean that you can ignore your pack of kids. Really, they aren't supposed to climb the outside of the buildings.

Thank heaven for seasonal passes so we can do an hour or two and leave before I get cranked off too much.

Although, maybe next time won't be so bad if I bring some of that moonshine. Got the family recipe around here somewhere.....

Posted by: di at June 24, 2005 04:17 PM

Check out the famous Erving Goffman analysis of the merry-go-round http://home.att.net/~rhhardin8/goffman.merry.txt

Posted by: Ron Hardin at June 24, 2005 06:42 PM