June 02, 2005


As I sit here this morning feeling as though a small alien is well on its way to chewing through the lining of my stomach to sweet, sweet freedom and world domination (DAMN YOU, BURGER KING! DAMN YOOOOOOOOOOO!), I must admit I am less than full of pith and wit.

So here are some links.

An oldie but a goodie that gets resurrected every few months but that makes me laugh each time nonetheless - worst album covers ever.

An odd and oddly amusing campaign for organic produce that utilizes Star Wars -- and yes, I am a sucker for bad produce puns, even though I would rather be killed than consume tofu-- I present STORE WARS.

That's it for me today. There is not enough Pepto Bismol in the world, people. Seriously.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at June 2, 2005 11:12 AM