April 12, 2005


File this under "It came from the back seat:"

"Mommy, I want big cool music rocking through the air!"

Unfortunately, I don't yet possess the iPod doohickey that lets me play my tunes through the car radio speakers, or there would have been a great big B-52s festival happening on Interstate 40 this morning.

Because to me, the definition of "big cool music rocking through the air" is "Legal Tender," or "Private Idaho" or possibly "Rock Lobster."


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Posted by Big Arm Woman at April 12, 2005 08:19 AM

At the other end of the spectrum, I got in the car to take my 6 year old to Kindergarten yesterday and got from the backseat -


It's almost as if I was doing something POSITIVE with regards to parenting!

Posted by: dr. dave at April 14, 2005 05:40 PM

Me too! My children love "Planet Claire" and "52 Girls". There is also a special place in our hearts for "Lola" by the Kinks. There world was turned upside down when they actually understood the lyrics.

Posted by: Marie at April 18, 2005 10:36 AM

I HAVE the iPod radio doohickey. Actually we have two -- one for the elderly car with a cassette player, the other for the car with only a cd player. The cassette player one is more satisfactory.

Before you buy one, make sure you have three or four spots on your FM dial without a station, otherwise the doohickey is useless. It uses FM at a given point on the dial to transmit from the pod to your radio.

We have no blank FM spots in town. So the pod is not useable in that way. Wait for better/different technology.

Posted by: liz at April 19, 2005 01:42 AM