February 11, 2005

Thursday Night Hoops

Last night was the big faculty/student basketball game at Hublet's high school. I am pleased to report that Hublet is alive and fairly mobile today. Of course, they say that Day 2 is the worst day for recovery, so we'll see how mobile he is tomorrow.

After a mammoth battle, which got noticeably slower on hublet's side after the first half, the faculty were victorious, 49-41!

As you may imagine, the sixteen year olds were a bit put out at being beaten by a bunch of "old men," and so the hacking was especially fierce. For those of you keeping track, here are "The Road Warrior" Hublet's stats:

10 points
3 assists
5 rebounds
50% from the free throw line

and the bonuses:

a fat lip
a deep tissue bruise to the elbow
a blister-covered foot
various abrasions
affirmation of status as "middle-aged."

The best part? The Boy screaming, "Is Daddy beating his students?" from the front row of the bleachers.

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