October 04, 2004

Monday Post

Shaun of the Dead. Hee! Double Hee! Triple Hee with lots of entrails and the first onscreen representation of a woman actually ripping her boyfriend's leg off and beating the undead with it I've ever seen! And if that sounds odd, well, it's a British movie. There, that explains everything, doesn't it? Best quote, "Well, they were a bit bitey..."

I also watched Trekkies, via Netflix. Makes me want to attend another Trek convention--or go to StarBase Dental for my next cleaning. I enjoyed the way the actors are all so blase' about their encounters with the more "hardcore" fans out there. And Denise Crosby and Brent Spiner talking about the erotic art featuring Tasha and Data that fans have sent them--hilarious. The only drawback is that I've seen too many Chris Guest mockumentaries and kept flashing on Guffman and Best in Show, only to be reminded that the folks in Trekkies are REAL. Mostly harmless, though. So far.

All in all, a relaxing weekend. The Boy misses us not a whit, given his demeanor on the phone, although I think mom and dad are tiring quickly. Yesterday--the park! Today--the fair! Tomorrow--load the kid into the car and drive like bats out of hell to Raleigh!

I should be more excited about that, I think.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at October 4, 2004 10:52 AM

Trekkies is a favorite around here. We love the Spinerfem, the uber-geek going insane about the stitching in his outfit, the guy in the box, and the all time classic line, "A girl came and everything."

Posted by: fad at October 4, 2004 11:13 AM

Ohmigod! The guy. In the box. With the mukluk cap or whateverthehell it is on his head, cruising down the sidewalk. I cried, I was laughing so hard. And the totally bewildered Radio Shack salesguy. Hi-larious.

And how creeped out is Brent Spiner after hearing his own personal "Spinerfem" needing to take a "Brent break" by staring longingly at the hill near where his house is? Run, little Spiner man! Run!

Posted by: BAW at October 4, 2004 04:16 PM

There's a "Trekkies 2" that's supposed to focus more on the international fandom, but also does some followup on some of those featured in the first one. One of my friends has it (came as a two-pack), but I haven't seen it yet. He said it was ok, but nowhere near as fun as the first.

Posted by: fad at October 4, 2004 06:37 PM