September 23, 2004

Thursday Roundup

Watched Lost last night and enjoyed it. A good premise and setup, although there is a part of me that clenches in dread at the whole "big scary unseen monster thing" aspect of the show, because that is waaaay too easy to screw up. Typically what happens with "unseen evil monster" shows is either the whole thing turns into the Island of Dr. Moreau with the attendant cheese factor, or you run the risk of what I like to call IT syndrome, in which the final monster (a spider with flashlight eyes? The HELL, Stephen King!) is a big letdown. But I will be watching next week, because the suspense was well done, the character dynamics look intriguing, and not at all just because there's a Hobbit on the island...

And here, submitted for your amusement: When Divas Attack! Do not taunt happy fun tracksuit man!

Also, Shaun of the Dead? Must. Go. See. It. I hope it is every bit as goofy and stupid as it looks.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at September 23, 2004 10:03 AM

"Shaun of the Dead" is quite hilarious, if you're into British humor. My wife, who understands British humor not at all, doesn't see the point.

Posted by: bigdocmcd at September 23, 2004 12:33 PM

You know I love the JJ Abrams. But I cannot pry the remote from my pundit-husband who stares at Hammity and Coles and Chris Matthews all night, whilst I sit happily knitting.

Posted by: Belle at September 23, 2004 09:31 PM

I enjoyed Lost too, although I thought I was sitting down to a two hour, two part mini series. Wasn't intending to get hooked on an actual show. Oh well. It does look promising, as long as the whole monster-thing isn't a huge letdown.

Posted by: Viv at September 23, 2004 11:20 PM

I saw a preview for Shaun of the Dead two weeks ago and it looked hilarious. The other movie I saw a preview for that looked hysterical (although if I had just heard about the premise without seeing the preview I would've said 'give me a break, what kinda crap is that?') is the Trey Parker/Matt Stone Team America.

Posted by: John Hudock at September 24, 2004 12:39 PM

I missed Lost. I forgot to set the vcr. (No, I DON'T have a Tivo.) I hate everyone.

By the way -- oh wow, am I not the only person in the USA who was dragged through IT right up to the anti-anti-climax where the bruises I got on my ass from the letdown still hurt? I knew I should never have gone near something with John-Boy in it. But did I listen to my instincts? No!

Posted by: Andrea Harris at September 27, 2004 11:48 AM

Shaun of the Dead (well I suppose that is pandering to the 'don't know how to pronounce Sean bloc) got rave rave rave reviews this morning from the hip morning drive hosts. Can't wait.

Posted by: Liz Ditz at September 27, 2004 07:16 PM