July 26, 2004

Monday List Thingy

First off, if you sent me an email over the weekend, it is gone, alas.

Things I did this weekend:

  • Left work early Friday to get home in time to awaken The Boy and prepare him for an evening of fun with friends at a Bulls game.

  • Discovered that Boy has fever of 103. Was mildly annoyed that Hublet didn't notice this, although Hublet swore nothing was wrong with him pre-nap.

  • Cancelled Bulls game plans.

  • Coddled Boy.

  • Put Boy to bed.

  • Set alarm for 4 am to check Boy's temp and give him another dose of Motrin.

  • Toted Boy to our bed, where searing hot feet, arms and legs scorched me for about an hour until Boy requested a return to cooler sheets.

  • Slept from 5 until 8.

  • Went to get haircut.

  • Ran many errands.

  • Watched Season 1 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which actually made Hublet giggle, a rare event.

  • Watched Hugh Jackman's Actor's Studio interview. He is still the world's most perfect man.

  • Corralled toddlers at Sunday School.

  • Chased cat with broom until she dropped the dead baby bunny she was carrying.

  • Culled too small clothing from Boy's closet.

  • Cleaned.

  • Did Laundry.

  • Made dinner.

  • Rode bicycle.

  • Put Boy (now fever-free and feeling his oats) in room for being a truculent little poop-head.

  • Lather, rinse, repeat. 4 times. Boy is still truculent poop-head. All hail the incipient age of three!

  • Watched more Curb Your Enthusiasm. Cringed in horror at Bob Costas trying to be funny while interviewing Larry David.

  • Woke at 2 a.m. to let post-nightmare Boy into our bed.

  • Got up late.

  • Watched Hublet put Boy in room (at 7 a.m.) for yet more truculent poop-headedness.

  • Arrived at work completely unable to form coherent thought.

  • Read article by Richard (I don't have a problem with Christians! I don't! I don't!) Perlestein and attendant commentary. Was unimpressed.

  • Decided to post boring list as proof that this is a big, fat Got Nothin' Monday.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at July 26, 2004 11:20 AM