July 07, 2004

Hot. Just...Hot.

Walking outside is like trying to push a 400 lb sumo wrestler composed entirely of humidity out of your way. It's a heavy heat, a heat with Presence, and it has completely sucked my strength, will, and intellectual faculties out of my body. I can see them lying right over there, pitiful little tongues all lolled out but too weak to move. Ugh.

So forgive my lack of coherence. First up, the latest fight from the FIRE, concerning a philosophy professor who got in trouble for letting students know that he was Catholic. Next up, government attempts to legislate intellectual diversity. Because government always makes everything it touches better, clearer, and healthier for everyone. Oh, dear God. It's called the First Amendment, folks. Just stand back and let it do its work, okay?

Let me clarify: Freedom of speech = good thing. Speech codes = bad thing. Legislation that can and will be abused and that isn't really necessary if you're paying attention to the whole freedom of speech thing = very bad thing. Intellectual diversity = good thing. Government attempting to legislate said diversity with results that will probably make the Title IX kerfuffle look tiny = bad thing.

In short, tell students where you're coming from, and then deal fairly with differences of opinion and point of view. Doesn't seem like it would be that hard for the intellectual types, does it? Yeah, I'm checking my butt for those flying monkeys right now.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at July 7, 2004 01:42 PM

Hey! It's hot in Fort Collins, too.

Of course, the humidity is a whooping 18%.




Posted by: jim at July 7, 2004 02:39 PM

It's hot here in Montgomery, AL too. It's why I haven't left the house in several days. That and the 95% humidity.

want a bandana?

the secret to survival is killer central a/c, many fans, and lots and lots of ice in your frequent drinks.

Posted by: Emily Nelson at July 7, 2004 08:19 PM