June 21, 2004


In an attempt to forestall the nightly whining about bedtime, last night I launched into a lengthy explanation about the importance of a good night's sleep--well, as lengthy as you can be while pontificating to a toddler who just wants you to lie on his bed and make his Curious George talk to him, anyway.

"Son," I said, "you need to go to sleep so you can get enough rest so you won't wake up all whiny and grumpy and so you'll be able to enjoy our weekly trek to the hash browns lady."

The Boy looked at me, wide-eyed.

I continued, "Now I'm going to let Curious George give you a good night kiss, and then mommy's going to go do her exercises."

"You no exercise, mommy," said The Boy, trying to forestall the departure of Curious George.

"I have to, sweetie, otherwise I'll be too fat to lay here on your bed and make Curious George talk to you."

The Boy pondered this for a moment.

"O-tay, mommy."

"O-tay," I said, and rose to leave.

"Mommy, call Daddy. He can do Curious George."

So I did. It might have been Father's Day, but I was sure that Hublet didn't want to miss even one day of making a stuffed monkey writhe in agony as The Boy crushed it with Puh-Dog. Heh. I exercised, The Boy dozed off, and I felt pretty good about my little explanantion of the importance of sleep.

This morning, I went to get The Boy out of bed and onto the potty. He came, stumbling and bleary-eyed, and sat down on the toilet.

"Haveta go potty, mommy," he said.

"I know, sweetie."

"I get grumpy and fat if I don't go potty. Don' wanna be grumpy and fat."

I decided to leave well enough alone. God only knows what bizarre ideas my attempts at untangling that little cause and effect explanation might put in The Boy's head.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at June 21, 2004 03:05 PM