May 26, 2004

Public Relations Primer for Principals

I know it's the end of the school year, and I know that it's important to be sure that all of your accounts are firmly in the black, but there's gotta be a better way of collecting lunch money than by yanking an elementary schooler's hot lunch and giving him or her a peanut butter sandwich as a non-payment penalty.

The principal of Princeton school did just that. Naturally, parents were a tad peevish. According to the principal, letters were sent home with the children concerning lunch accounts that were in arrears. He stated that they didn't mail the notices to save on postage, and admits that sometimes when you send information home with a five year old, it tends not to make it.

The county sherrif (whose child attends the school) posted some deputies outside for a couple of days after the incident. Now, the parents had a right to be upset, but that's a bit much, although the article didn't specify if there were threats of physical violence against the principal in question. Nowadays, however, I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, as one mother stated, the incident "hurt (her son's) feelings!" Well, break out the Smith and Wesson, then!

It was stupid, the principal apologized, and life goes on, hopefully without either forced PB&J; consumption or grievous bodily harm.

I love my county. And I think The Boy will take his lunch when he starts school...

Alas, the Smithfield Herald doesn't have the article online, but it was a fun read.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at May 26, 2004 08:43 AM