May 24, 2004

Lost Weekend

Alas, that title no longer means what it used to.

Took Friday off in order to finish transmogrifying The Boy's room into a Big Boy Thomas Wonderland. My folks were visiting to help me tote stuff to storage and to keep The Boy entertained while Hublet dealt with his high school's graduation. Mom and I were going to take down the wallpaper border and repaint. Sounds easy, right?

Hah! From somewhere beyond the grave, Laura Ashley is laughing her ass off at me. Damn you, high quality English wallpaper border from hell! Damn youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

It wouldn't come off. We scored, and we spritzed with Diff and we scraped, and we peeled, and we rescored and respritzed and it took us THREE ENTIRE DAYS to remove one wallpaper border. My hands look like gnarled claws, I have tiny pieces of "Hey Diddle Diddle" wallpaper border lodged under my fingernails and glued to the soles of my feet, and I think my mother has been permanently disabled. Thank God we sized the wall before applying the Doomsday Border, or I would have had to put up new drywall. Stupid cow, stupid moon, stupid fiddle. In light of all that trauma, I don't think my victory dance over the last bucket of Diff and glue-soaked wallpaper bits was in any way inappropriate.

Next time, I'm just going to paint the damn room and hang a thematically appropriate picture grouping.

On the bright side, we have achieved cheery Big Boy room. Now to clean out the closet.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at May 24, 2004 10:04 AM