February 18, 2004

Don't Forget

The Chronicle has a live discussion going on right now (1:00 p.m. EST) with David Horowitz about the Academic Bill of Rights.

Scanning the questions, I've already noted dogmatic pronouncements and scare quotes in use. This could shape up to be a good old-fashioned wank fest!

Oh, and some of the questions are thoughtful and well put/argued. Who knew?

Here's the link.

Update: Wow, the "Orwellian" is flying fast and furious. Followed by a liberal sprinkling of McCarthy (ha! get it?) invocations. But the best are the snippy comments that don't ask for a response. People, grind the axes if you must, but disallowing the interviewee to respond to you? On a topic concerning the suppression of alternate points of view? Hey Irony, pass me another beer! This is the best lunch hour I've had in weeks!

Update Update: I can't decide if this is a troll, but it's definitely, umm, odd.

Comment from anonymous:
Since my writing involves the role of drugs in ancient, medieval, and renaissance religion and culture, the topic is too controversial for my colleagues, who fear contamination from me or problems with parents. Hence, no one ever speaks to me about my research; and about a decade ago, graduate students who were writing theses under my direction were told that they would never get the degree unless they changed directors; nor could they ever expect to find employment, even though their topics were not drug related. I never emphasize my interests in lecture courses, but on occasion a disgruntled student in the course evaluation has accused me of talking about nothing else, as a way to injure me.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at February 18, 2004 01:28 PM

My Motto: When in doubt...delete.

Posted by: LatinoPundit at February 19, 2004 04:11 PM

Yeah, that comment had me scratching my head. How many trolls do ya know that use spellcheck? I'd sort of like to see his/her/it's actual work if they were a real (although technologically misguided) person. Seems interesting.

Posted by: Tiffany at February 19, 2004 08:32 PM