October 09, 2003

Gee, Ya Think So?

I hated The Bridges of Madison County. Really. Hated it with a burning, fiery hate the likes of which few humans have witnessed and lived. However, unlike the tool in this news story, I didn't manifest my burning fiery hate by actually BURNING DOWN THE FREAKING BRIDGES.

Look, you arsonist ass, the actual bridges of Madison County are not to blame for the excrescence that is the book or the soporific bloated mass that is the movie. Frankly, your actions, instead of freeing us from those twin media menaces, mean that we can no longer conveniently forget that either of these things ever existed, because now everyone is talking about some crazy-ass firebug who is obsessed with burning down all of the Bridges of Madison County, and so the book is inevitably mentioned. Thanks for nothing, you loser.

Hmm, has anyone checked the alibi of Robert James Waller?

Incidentally, the money quote from the article linked above leads me to believe that these crimes will never be solved:

Investigators think all the fires are linked.

In other news, investigators think that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the sun may rise tomorrow and that death and taxes are reasonably assured permanent status here on earth.

But my money's on Waller.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at October 9, 2003 08:16 AM