September 09, 2003

Fools, Damn Fools, and Folks I'd Like to Slap

Boy, 9-11 just really ups the ire quotient 'round some parts, and not in the way you'd think. It seems that some people find online commemoration like Michele's Voices project tacky, because it means she hasn't moved on fast enough. Or they're pissy at James Lileks for being, I don't know, emotionally affected by an act of war. Apparently, he doesn't have the right to be affected because he didn't lose his mommy in the towers, or some such piece of tripe. So let's get the thought processes of these folks straight:

1. Empathy is bad, because it makes you have feelings for Actual People Who Died, when what we should really be doing is remembering 9/11 as a symbol of rapacious capitalism getting its comeuppance.

2. If you didn't lose someone in the twin towers, you have no right to commemorate 9/11 on YOUR OWN FREAKING BLOG, WHICH YOU PAY FOR YOURSELF IN THE UNITED STATES OF FREAKING AMERICA. See number 1 above for further clarification.

3. If you are tacky enough to actually experience empathy, or to remember the attack as an act of war and not a symbol of the fruits of orientalism, then you deserve to be ridiculed in the following manner:

  • You shall be called a coward for not including your Social Security Number in your posts in the interest of full disclosure

  • Ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem, blah blah blah sticks and stones cakes

  • Your intellect, motives, and race will be mocked

Again, see number one above for clarification.

And finally, some moron will come out of the woodwork and declare a big, morally equivalent "whatever" on the whole thing (see comments from one "neil"). How very non-evolved.

Of course, all of this will be done in the name of "greater understanding" and "moving on." Note to the "movers" whose views are represented above: Irony will be stopping by your home later, and she'll be bringing a hammer.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at September 9, 2003 08:28 AM

My idea is that disasters are entertainment, and I want no part of it. A cheap thrill, a cheap audience for the news, and they sell it to advertisers. Think of yourself as the product.

Entertainment is broader than ``makes you happy.'' It's anything that fascinates. The extreme case is soap operas.

Do we have interviews with the bereaved? Why yes we do.

The right response, in my view, is the idea that the US will no longer coinhabit the globe with 11th century governments, and they're going down one by one, easiest ones first. Carrots may be offered, but an iron will and determination drives it. Feelings have nothing to do with it. Modern technology makes loser cultures too dangerous to have around.

Right now 9/11 is material for blogs and the media; we can't let it go to waste, we have to get something more out of it yet again. I would be very slow to yield to that.

Occasionally somebody has something well done to say, as with any material. So I can't be dogmatic about this. Theodore Olson's speech this morning was good. He must have borrowed Bush's writers.

Somebody called Rommel's battles the last warfare without hatred. I think Bush is running another one: hatred positively gets in the way. What you want is determination.

Posted by: Ron Hardin at September 11, 2003 08:01 PM