July 24, 2003

A Question. Or Twelve.

Hey, lady! Yeah, you, standing next to me in Target, having a REALLY LOUD conversation on your nifty walkie talkie phone. I have a question for you: WHY are you using a walkie talkie in public? You look to be about 35 or more, so I'm not thinking it's because you're in the middle of a really involved Power Rangers roleplaying game. No, I'm serious. Are you doing it because it wasn't annoying ENOUGH to force me to listen to a one-sided loud conversation that I cannot ignore until I locate the merchandize I need and get the hell out of the aisle we're in? Do you feel that you need to up the annoyance ante to avoid being grouped in with the unwashed plain cell phone masses? Are you some sort of audio exhibitionist who doesn't CARE that everyone within a four aisle radius of the contraceptive section can hear the intimate details of your life? Is there no freaking EARPHONE with that damn contraption? And the beeping! After! Every! Single! Sentence! Thank you, we are all aware that you're using a radio phone. Yay. You get an award for being on the cutting edge of annoying ass-dom. I am going to go ninja on your ass with a bag of Huggies, Miss Thang, and I can guarantee you that no jury in the world will convict me when I do.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at July 24, 2003 11:09 AM

Oh, I so hate those people! I had a 2-hour layover at the Phoenix airport this morning, and an extremely loud young woman ( I would not call her a lady!) sat next to me and started calling everyone she knew - to tell them about her date last night! How could she not know that everyone around her was not only annoyed but rather embarrassed?
I finally gave up my chair to go stand in line (Southwest, of course) so I would not have to listen to all her issues!


Posted by: Beth in Kansas at July 25, 2003 06:28 PM