June 18, 2003

Full Disclosure

Inspired by some comments to this post, I feel compelled to clarify the extent of my family's infiltration by the Australian entity known as The Wiggles.
The Boy, who will be two at the end of August, first noticed The Wiggles after his first birthday. When I innocently mentioned to the grandparents that The Wiggles caused him to be still for an entire half-hour, a buying frenzy ensued. We now own the following bits of the Wiggles ouvre:

T-Shirts: Two, since my mom and dad couldn't determine whether The Boy would prefer the Big Red Car shirt in yellow, or the standard Wiggles shirt in blue, they bought both. Yes, he is the only grandchild. How did you guess?


  • Wiggles Dance Party

  • Yummy, Yummy


  • It's A Wiggly, Wiggly World

  • Wiggly Safari

  • Wiggles Magical Adventure (full length feature, and that Wally guy creeps. me. out.)

  • Hoop-de-do! It's a Wiggly Party (also known in my household as the On The Fly Home Epilepsy Test, due to the flashing psychadelic backgrounds)

Our Wiggly-fication is almost complete. Hublet and I have viewed the tapes so many times that we now concentrate on the credits, trying to figure out which Leanne is the choreographer and to create a Dorothy the Dinosaur timeline, in which we chart who inhabits the suit. We also play "spot the Wiggly relative," and try to determine whose child is who on the tapes. In this way, we manage to keep our sanity while The Boy does the Toddler Frug to "Caveland."

Now here's my question. If, as Michael asserts in the previous post's comments, Wiggly Safari is NOT an example of The Wiggles best work, exactly what is? The grandparents are dying to know.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at June 18, 2003 08:51 AM

Oh Sweet Jesus!

I watched some of their work while babysitting....I almost checked myself into the local hospital...please step away from the VCR!....

Glad to know that like the precious one I was watching over, that you child finds some sort of enjoyment from the Wiggles.

Posted by: websch01ar at June 20, 2003 12:01 PM