December 04, 2002

Well, at Least He's Not

Well, at Least He's Not an English Professor

But that's all I can say for Professor Farley, he of the brave revolutionary stance against the word "Confederate." Here's the essay he wrote that's adding to the furor over changing the name of a building. Good grief. Let me break a few things down for the kind prof, shall I?

Erasing a word will not erase history. Of course, as a math professor you may not realize that, so I'll type slowly. If you seriously believe that all confederates should have been executed, then you're just a sad, addle-pated little man. History is unpleasant, but we're supposed to learn from that and move on. You cannot eliminate hatred by advocating it yourself.

And one more thing--what is up with the Che Guevara poster? He helped bring about modern day Cuba, which is obviously such a paradise for modern day Cubans that they're dying trying to leave. You're ranting about a system in the US that oppressed, tortured and killed slaves, and yet you're celebrating a man who helped install an oppressive regime in Cuba. Cognitive dissonance, anyone? Ah well, what's a little intellectual dishonesty, particularly when the photo looks so nice on the web?

Here's a fun quote from an interview with Farley:
''If I had written this essay in 1952, I'd be dead right now,'' Farley said, adding that he did not abide by Martin Luther King Jr.'s doctrine of passive resistance.

And yet, Martin Luther King did more to make it possible for Farley to hold his current position and spout this nonsense than any other African-American leader, or Che Guevara, for that matter. It's called irony, Farley. Look it up on your way back to math class.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at December 4, 2002 06:48 AM