December 09, 2002

Always the English Professors, Part

Always the English Professors, Part Deux.

I'm reading the discussion forum over at the Chronicle of Higher Ed, about that subversive new force I am heartened that most of the posters see the site for what it is--a place for students to air views that could do them material damage if they were expressed to the professors in question. But then I read this post, and OF COURSE it was penned by an English Professor:

Some parents should send their children directly to church and skip college. This way they can ensure a proper message is being sent. Isn't this what they do in the Madrasa in Pakistan? It worked for Bin Laden, why won't it work for them.

Mary Gravitt
Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Oh, for crying out loud, Mary, maybe you could have tried a little harder to prove the point everyone's been making about the close-minded hubris of the intellectual elite? Maybe it was a troll or a joke. So let's just Google Miss Thang, and see if she's real. Yep, listed as teaching an introductory comp course. Let me pause here and heave a great world-weary sigh. The good news is that she got slammed for being a moron in a public forum; the bad news is that she's still teaching. English. And that she seriously believes that pointing out problems in a curriculum is the sole domain of close-minded fanatics. I won't even go into her automatic association of close-minded fanaticism with religious faith. Whatever, Mare. Thanks for further sullying my chosen subject with your sanctimonious, supercilious presence. Oh, and for being sure to include your name and your area of discipline, so that there can be no doubt that English harbors the greatest number of bozos. AND for leaving the question mark off of the rhetorical question in your post, so we can add "failure to grasp the fundamentals of proofreading" to the crimes of english professors against education. No, really. Thanks.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at December 9, 2002 11:58 AM