January 24, 2003

Okay, if it Isn't the

Okay, if it Isn't the English Profs, it's the Sociology Profs,
Yet Another Reason Why I'll Never be Interested in Sociology

From Critical Mass, Duke Visiting Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies (a deadly combination of specious reasoning masquerading as advancing the cause of that elusive animal, "social justice"), Becky Thompson, has stirred controversy over including Laura Whitehorn as an on-campus speaker.

Ms. Whitehorn (Hey! I only detonated the bomb when I didn't THINK there'd be anyone around), who did time for planting a bomb in the US Capitol, "expressed shock at the negative press." And professor Thompson, demonstrating her Soc/Women's Studies "parse the hell out of reality until it reflects what you want it to" mad debate skillz, had this to say:

"'Her work was actually the opposite of terrorism,'" she said, adding that it was protesting other acts of perceived terrorism. "'Part of being patriotic is trying to encourage the government to stand by principles of equality and democracy.'"
The debate is a free speech issue and the definition of patriotism does not exclude dissent, she said."

Okay, out here in the real world, you know, the one where the laws of space, time and physics apply, "free speech" is generally taken to mean, well, SPEAKING. WITH THE MOUTH OR VIA CUTESY LITTLE SIGNAGE, NOT C-4. Furthermore, in this same dimension, governments are not usually persuaded to uphold principles of democracy through explosions. That's why the first Tuesday in November is called Election Day, not Armed Resistance Day.

The tragedy here is not that Whitehorn (who, by the way, still doesn't see the problem with trying to blow up the Capitol), was invited to speak. After all, she's done her time, and in the eyes of the law her debt is paid. It's that people like Thompson can parse and twist reality to such an extent that bald-faced acts of violence against the government become our God-given right in the name of "free speech and patriotic dissent." Evil is making the foul seem fair (to mangle some Tolkien). The greater evil is not just that someone would do that on purpose, but that they would believe their own lies.

But hey, what am I upset about? They're only words, after all.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at January 24, 2003 05:51 AM