April 15, 2003

Go Here. Speak Up. It's

Go Here. Speak Up. It's Important.

Via everywhere, this lovely notion by the folks at the University of California that if students start speaking out against their classrooms being politicized, well, just change the rules on them so that they can't. Clever, no?

Oh, look everyone! It's Irony again! I think I should just have the guestroom on permanent standby for you, old pal. What? You tried to talk to the UC folks and point out that they were some of the biggest agitators against oppression by the over thirty crowd in their pot-scented heyday? And that maybe your presence as they try to rewrite speech codes to squash student dissent was appropriate? Good for you, I. Glad to see you've been keeping up with that assertiveness training. What happened? Oh, is your foot okay? I understand that doors can really hurt you when they're slammed on your foot. Bummer. Keep fighting the good fight, I. Here's a beer.

And for the rest of you--head on over to NoIndoctrination.org and work up a righteous head of indignation. It's for a good cause. And being indignant on a regular basis leads to long life, good health and improved virility. No really, I'm serious.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at April 15, 2003 07:33 AM