April 16, 2003

True Colors I considered not

True Colors

I considered not blogging about the Burk-Augusta non-protest fiasco last weekend, mainly because it seems the only thing keeping all this stupidity going is the media hoopla, and I didn't want to add to it. But then I realized how stupidly pretentious that was--I mean, come on people, this ain't USA Today, and besides, this stuff has passed annoying and gone straight to knee-slappingly funny. Well, if by funny you mean wasting everyone's time and being really annoying but not much else. Guess I have an odd definition of funny. But I digress...

Look, if you really think that Burk's whole Masters protest is about anything except self-aggrandizement and publicity, then let her speak for herself and put an end to that silly notion (from USA Today via Instapundit):

So will Burk march on Georgia again? "I don't think so," she said Sunday.
Her term as the NCWO's chair expires at the end of 2004, and she's already thinking about her future plans.
"But if Hootie thinks he's going to outlast me," she said, "he's going to have to wait a while yet."

Yeah, all that talk about injustice and inequality? Piffle. Here's what she's after--power and publicity, and she's willing to not only beat that dead horse, but tapdance on it naked if that's what it takes to obtain her objective. Hootie can't win! That's not fair! Who cares that it's a PRIVATE CLUB, who cares that most women aren't even interested in the issue, and that those who are probably couldn't afford a membership--the important thing here is that Martha Burk will not be bested by some upstart southern MAN! Burk will keep on until she pushes herself into irrelevance, because she's a publicity hound and an idiot. And I will laugh and laugh and laugh. Because the only antidote to idiocy like this is ridicule.

By the way, where do I go to join this group--they're right up my alley:

A local group called People Against Ridiculous Protests carried out the day's most tasteful protest. Founder Deke Wiggins appeared at his designated protest site in the morning, planted a sign, then departed. The sign read: "Look at all these ridiculous people."

I see big things ahead for PARP. Maybe I'll start a local chapter. That's a protest group I could really get behind.

Posted by Big Arm Woman at April 16, 2003 07:56 AM