April 28, 2003

Reality 100 - A Remedial

Reality 100 - A Remedial Course for Professors and Administrators

Reality 100 seeks to address the cognitive dissonance experienced by many of today's college professors and administrators when faced with modern student protests against their policies or instruction.

The majority of class discussion will focus on the conundrum faced by many who spent their college careers railing against the status quo created by those over thirty, only to find themselves both over thirty and in the position of defending their own status quo. Topics covered will include:

  • Those miserable ingrates--don't they realize that we're trying to save them? A primer for dealing with professorial frustration.

  • No, see OUR parents were wrong about everything, not yours; we FIXED all that--guiding Gen Y through the rebelliousness of youth with an eye toward accomplishing the glorious revolution we dreamed of.

  • Dealing with in-class dissent without showing up on NoIndoctrination.org.

  • Damn you, Reagan! DAMN YOU!--A weekly therapeutic roundtable for addressing the root causes of the malaise affecting today's youth.

Reality 100 is a for-credit course only, as the administration feels that grades are an abitrary and restrictive tool of authority, and thus counterproductive to freedom of thought and creative expression. Power to the people!

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