May 09, 2003

Help! I'm Being Repressed by

Help! I'm Being Repressed by SPAM!
Got an email yesterday from Didn't have to open it to discern the contents; check out the spelling of womyn. But, because I sometimes like a good laugh, I opened the email. Nhulse does a series of multimedia, "SPOKEN WORD" (caps hers) performances about--wait for it--violence against women and rape. Both important issues, to be sure, but I had some questions about her treatment of the topics given the following excerpt from an article she references in her email:

Hulse's "A Rose by Any Other Name," is a multimedia performance dramatizing the forms of rape in our culture. It's graphic, driving home the evils of the crime like a jackhammer. The presentation features dance performances by Hulse, the music of artists such as "Marilyn Manson," "Garbage" and "Hole," scenes from films such as "The Accused" and "Animal House," and telling statistics on such crimes as incest and date, acquaintance and stranger rape, "A Rose by Any Other Name" tells the story of our "rape culture."

Uh-oh. Rape culture. Buzzwords for the radical branch of the feminist tree. I wonder if she considers all acts of intercourse rape? No way to tell, but I thought I'd check out her homepage.

Oh, look! Andrea Dworkin's greatest hits! Plus a list of factoids--many of which have been debunked for almost a decade. The newspaper article also said this:

Hulse noted that she meets with a lot of resistance in her work to educate the public about rape. And, she added, women who have performed with her in the past have even been beaten for their participation.

She doesn't say whether the beatings came from victims who don't appreciate their trauma being hijacked for a cause that ultimately injures rape awareness and prevention efforts by making hysterical claims and polarizing male/female relations. But more importantly, I wonder how long before our campus hosts a performance?

Posted by Big Arm Woman at May 9, 2003 08:18 AM